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What are Semi-Precious stones and Crystals, and why use them?


A Semi-Precious Gemstone is any gemstone that is not a diamond, ruby, emerald, or sapphire. This does not mean that semi-precious gemstones are less valuable, but most of them are somewhat more abundant. Some gemstones are quite rare, and are less widely used, and are harder to find.


Crystals have been formed through different conditions than semi-precious gems.  Crystal healing has been used as an alternative healing method for thousands of years, and by ancient civilizations.


Nature has gifted our planet with all we truly need for a beautiful life. Whether it is the earth, bodies of water, plants, trees, animals, or gemstones, everything has a vibrational life force within it. Gemstones and crystals have multiple uses and healing properties. They are not only used for their beauty, but also for the amazing benefits they provide.     ~Phyllis Boland

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