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Learn to love yourself unconditionally and draw love to you.  This bracelet is not only pretty, but is pretty awesome, too!


It is made with beautiful Unakite and Swarovski Crystals.


Wear this on the left wrist to attract love to yourself, and for pure love.


Unakite is a stone with gentle but powerful energy. It can assist one in finding one's animal guide. It is also a stone that is helpful for gardening. Unakite is also a good protection stone.


Unakite brings unconditional love of humanity, connection and reunion.

Unakite is considered to be very helpful for pregnancy and childbirth. It can help with healing of abandonment and separation issues.


Crystals bring positive energy, hope, joy, good luck, and diffuse negative energy.

Learn To Love Yourself Unakite and Swarovski Bracelet

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