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This beautiful handcrafted necklace is made of Chrysocolla and sterling silver, and has a sterling silver cross in the center.


This statement piece endows the wearer with the ability to speak one's mind gently.


Chrysocolla is a very supportive goddess energy stone, that will inspire verbal expression, and will empower both men and women to communicate in a clear, loving way.


It will open your throat chakra and energize the words you speak, and may help you to choose the right words to speak to aid emotional healing in others.


It is powerful to aid truthful and heartfelt loving communication, and was historically used by the American Indian people, to bring a strengthening and calming energy.


This is a teaching stone, that helps you to communicate the right words that each individual needs to hear at a given time. It is a lovely peaceful stone, that helps to motivate you to speak out, about those things that are important to you, as well as those issues that you feel others may benefit from hearing

Chrysocolla I Have Faith Necklace

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