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This gorgeous handcrafted bracelet brings the wearer the benefits of intuition.


These moonstone beads have been charged during the Thunder Moon, and have been imbued with Reiki for healing intentions.


Wear it on your left wrist.



Moonstone is a master healer for women - it brings soothing, healing calm energy and helps regain back your power and inner balance

If you wear your moonstone often, you will also start receiving insights as to how you are mistreating your personal energy, and how to learn to love and heal yourself. It can bring insights into the powerful mysteries of true female power and the essence of all healing.

The milky moon, the motherly energy, the peaceful cocooning in healing silence, the bringer of soothing calm and gathering your power back - all these properties are attributed to the beautiful and mysterious moonstone.

The clearer the moonstone is and the more colorful its glow, the more healing are its energy properties.


This bracelet has a sterling silver moon, sun, and star charm.

My Intuition Is In Tune With The Universe Moonstone And Swarovski Bracelet

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