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This dolphin love pendant is embellished with Swarovski crystals.


The dolphin is the spiritual messenger of the sea and the global ambassador for peace on earth.


These joyful intelligent creatures have a certain spritual magic that endears them to humans.


Dolphins and humans have a great affinity for each other. Often you hear of stories where dolphins save people from drowning or protect them from harm at sea.


Aside from their protective qualities, dolphins are also nurturers and healers. If you've ever spent time near a dolphin in its natural environment you probably felt a change in energy. Perhaps your felt peace, harmony or overall acceptance and well-being.  It is not your imagination.


According to marine biologists, there is something about the vibrational energy of a dolphin and its sonar that has an effect on our biomolecular structure. Dolphins can break up the negative energy. Even just listening to them can help boost your relaxation response and endorphin levels.


That is one of the many reasons why swimming with the dolphins has become so popular.





Dolphin Love Pendant

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